The Great Allegheny Passage near Smithton, Pennsylvania



The Great Allegheny Passage is a 141 mile long network of rail-trails connecting Homestead, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, with Cumberland, Maryland. In Cumberland the trail joins the C+O Canal Towpath trail, which follows the Potomac River all the way to Washington, DC. These photos were taken today in a section of the trail along the Youghiogheny River near Smithton, Pennsylvania. An access point to the trail is a short but hilly two mile hike or bike trip from two truck stops off of exit 49 on I-70, which is about nine miles west of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

As always, double check your own maps or navigation apps before following any of the maps I provide, and pay extra careful attention on this particular route; it contains windy roads with blind corners and very little shoulder in spots. Still, the trail itself is very scenic and easy to ride, and worth whatever minor trouble it was to get there.





About kevinmckague

I left my former dead-end job in 2006 in order to become a truck driver. I wanted a career that was recession-proof, and that offered more opportunity for adventure. Now I travel the country with my bike in the passenger seat, and look for new places to visit whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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