Further proof that the TV lounge in the truck stop kills more drivers than traffic accidents do

I read something yesterday that reminded me of why this blog and its subject are so important to me. We’ve already known that exercise leads to better health, but some of the details in this New York Times article made me feel pretty good.

“…a mere 10 minutes of daily physical activity increased life spans in adults by almost two years, even if the adults remained significantly overweight.”

In other words, being fit isn’t an all or nothing game. Even if your job sticks you behind the wheel of a rig for eleven hours a day, and the truck stops charge $1.25 for a banana and it’s hard eat a balanced diet while on the road, there are tangible benefits for trying to be fit. 

There is a more important issue at hand though. We can’t be guaranteed that we’ll get those two extra years by adding moderate exercise to our routine, but we can be guaranteed of the time we have right now. Live your life. On your next 34-hour break, instead of sitting in the truck lounge watching the 24-7 “Law and Order” marathon channel, why not go for a walk? If you’re in one of the many parts of this country that aren’t particularly pedestrian-friendly, check out the local public transit situation and get to a trail, or a park, or a downtown area where you can walk. Walk around the lot or to the restaurant across the street. I hear the waitstaff there is better looking. Heck, even a mall would be better than the truck stop lounge, and the people watching is better!

But if my pep-talk doesn’t motivate you, perhaps this will.

“Every single hour of television watched after the age of 25 reduces the viewer’s life expectancy by 21.8 minutes.”

How does that walk sound now? I hear the weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm this weekend throughout much of the east coast. Go.


About kevinmckague

I left my former dead-end job in 2006 in order to become a truck driver. I wanted a career that was recession-proof, and that offered more opportunity for adventure. Now I travel the country with my bike in the passenger seat, and look for new places to visit whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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2 Responses to Further proof that the TV lounge in the truck stop kills more drivers than traffic accidents do

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Love the new blog. We just traveled through New Mexico on the way to Tucson and I have to say Kevin I’m starting to like travel on the US roads rather than some of the Interstates. We crossed much of New Mexico on US 70 and saw some beautiful sights. Pulling the trailer was a challenge in some of the winds we encountered, but I’m loving the travel. Glad you are back to blogging.

    • kevinmckague says:

      Thanks Jim! I always welcome the occasional chance to take the side roads. Once in a while when I get sent to El Paso, Texas I use US-54 through New Mexico, which is also very nice.

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