The Appalachian Trail near Myersville, Maryland


Now that Spring is here, I can stop at one of my favorite hiking spots along my daily Flint-Baltimore commute. This stretch of the Appalachian Trail near Myersville, Maryland is within reach of the truck parking lot at the Maryland Welcome Center on eastbound I-70 around mile marker 41. Following the route detailed on this map, I bike up the dirt road behind the Welcome Center to the trail. There, I hide the bike and hike. Bikes are not allowed on the trail, and much of it would be inaccessible to them anyways.

As much as I enjoy this part of the trail, accessing it at this point presents potential problems. First of all, you will need to leave the Welcome Center through the restricted access gate in back, passing the sign saying “Authorized Vehicles Only”. I don’t have a problem with this, but I sometimes worry that the open gate might someday close while I’m out hiking. I’m thankful that hasn’t happened yet, because while I’m willing to do what it takes in order to have a small adventure, I draw the line at hopping fences. I also draw the line at crossing private property, so I recommend sticking to the route on the map above.

Don’t worry about any of that though. Worry about your feet, and carry a bottle of water. Parts of the short road to the trail, and the trail itself, are steep, and a five mile hike seems much farther when you’re dehydrated and wearing bad shoes.

I don’t mean to scare you off of this trip. Even mildly dehydrated and sore, I always feel great after hiking here. I’m hoping to get back once the leaves return so I can take more pictures.



It can be easy to lose the trail at times, like here, where it crosses a street and blends in alongside this residential lot. Look for the white dash marks on trees and signs that mark the trail.


About kevinmckague

I left my former dead-end job in 2006 in order to become a truck driver. I wanted a career that was recession-proof, and that offered more opportunity for adventure. Now I travel the country with my bike in the passenger seat, and look for new places to visit whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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2 Responses to The Appalachian Trail near Myersville, Maryland

  1. Todd McCann says:

    That uphill trail looks cool. It also looks like it would be a perfect place for some hiker to find my dead body after I have a heart attack. 😉

  2. kevinmckague says:

    Ha! Better to die of a heart attack on the trail than at the truck stop all-you-can-eat buffet, my friend!

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