The C+O Trail in Williamsport, Maryland

I’ve visited and written about other sections of Maryland’s C+O Trail before, but at 185 miles long, there is always more of it to explore. Last week I took time out from my regular Michigan-to-Maryland route to explore a portion of the trail running through Williamsport, Maryland. Only 2.8 miles from the Hagerstown, Maryland Pilot Travel Center off of exit 24 on I-70, it is an easy bike trip or hike away from truck parking. (Click here for a map)

imageThe Potomac River

image19th century C+O Canal locks

imageA kayak on the Potomac


imageThe view from under I-81 as it passes over the Potomac into West Virginia. I enjoy listening to the sounds of nature blending with the rumble of commerce moving above.




Downtown historic Williamsport is bike-friendly, and has several nice restaurants and quick places to eat.


About kevinmckague

I left my former dead-end job in 2006 in order to become a truck driver. I wanted a career that was recession-proof, and that offered more opportunity for adventure. Now I travel the country with my bike in the passenger seat, and look for new places to visit whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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2 Responses to The C+O Trail in Williamsport, Maryland

  1. Todd McCann says:

    Looks like another day of adventure for you, Kevin. Seeing all these pics makes me realize how much I miss being outdoors. The Evil Overlord and I used to go camping all the time, but that pretty much came to a halt when the trucking career started.

    Keep posting all these pics and you may just get me to go for walk. I wouldn’t hold your breath though. 😀 Looking forward to your next adventure.

    By the way, love the new name for the blog.

    • kevinmckague says:

      Thanks Todd!

      I hope you do decide to go for a walk. I feel best when I get out of my truck and ride my bike, even if it isn’t particularly scenic territory, I get a kick out of being somewhere new and away from the truck routes and truck stops.

      I know what you mean about camping. I used to go as a kid and I’ve taken my own kids a few times. I should do it more often. I tell people who ask about how I can sleep in the truck sleeper that it’s a lot like sleeping in a small camper, except the campsite smells like diesel and Burger King! I especially like the sound of the rain tapping on the metal roof.

      I’ve got a couple new adventures penciled in on my to-do list. I’ve always wanted to visit Ft. McHenry, the War of 1812 site, in Baltimore, but to get there by bike meant biking all the way around the harbor from the T/A Travel Center through unfamiliar city streets. Recently though, I discovered the Baltimore Water Taxi Co. They shuttle passengers around the harbor, and have a dock just over a mile down the road from the truck stop. That should be fun.

      I also want to go to the Annapolis Rock Outcropping (, near Myersville, Maryland, which is about a 2 mile hike from the portion of the Appalachian Trail that I visited in my last post. I have no idea what the conditions of the hike is like though, and I should probably get some different shoes for that.

      Of course, any of these trips have to fit into my 14 hour day along with 600 miles of driving. I have to be careful with my time, so I don’t run out of hours before I get to my destination. I’m on e-logs too now, so there’s no room for adjustments if I don’t.

      Thanks again for your kind words Todd! Be careful out there.

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