The 12th Annual Tour de Troit bike ride, 6,000 cyclists strong!

Yesterday I celebrated my 46th birthday doing one of the things I enjoy most: I had a nice long bike ride through some unfamiliar territory. The Tour de Troit, a 30-mile ride through many of Detroit’s historic and scenic neighborhoods, had about 50 riders for its first event 12 years ago. Participation has grown dramatically each year since then, and yesterday I was just one of 6,000 cyclists owning the streets of Detroit. The Tour de Troit is not a race, and a whole range of ages and of riding experience were represented among the riders. The race organizers did a fantastic job, and I already can’t wait for next year’s event!

MLive had a pretty good coverage of the event here.

Some of my fellow riders took some great pictures and video on Instagram. If you have the Instagram app, search for the tag #TourdeTroit.

Here is a sampling of some of the photos I took during the tour, in no particular order.

20130921_082844Riders lining up to start at Roosevelt Park in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit.

tour routeRoute map

1379768593676I’m ready!

20130921_123442This was a very family-friendly event

20130921_112959The tour included a pit-stop on Belle Isle, with snacks provided by Whole Foods Market.

20130921_121216Belle Isle Bridge

20130921_120153Belle Isle docks

20130921_120306Kayak rentals and windsurfing on the Detroit River

20130921_120140I can’t believe this guy rode that bide for 30 miles!

20130921_114845Belle Isle

20130921_111650The Detroit River, as seen from Belle Isle. That’s Windsor, Ontario Canada on the left and Detroit, Michigan on the right.

20130921_105759Historic east side neighborhood



20130921_102131Downtown Detroit

20130921_123302Detroit’s Renaissance Center

20130921_123416Approaching the start/finish point, riding through downtown Detroit

20130921_130134Ride organizers threw a party for the riders after the event, including food and entertainment.


About kevinmckague

I left my former dead-end job in 2006 in order to become a truck driver. I wanted a career that was recession-proof, and that offered more opportunity for adventure. Now I travel the country with my bike in the passenger seat, and look for new places to visit whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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4 Responses to The 12th Annual Tour de Troit bike ride, 6,000 cyclists strong!

  1. shopperanne says:

    Had a great time at Tour de Troit, too. So many riders it was hard to get pictures, though. Good for you.

  2. Phenomenal!! This Christmas we are getting new bikes from Santa and hope to take part in the with our (will be three year old) son 😉

    • kevinmckague says:

      That’s a great idea! I saw plenty of children, in those bike trailers for children passengers, and on tandem bikes, like the clever one in one of the pictures I posted. It’s a great way to spend the day with the family.

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